"We are the music makers,
     and we are the dreamers of dreams"

- Willy Wonka

About Me

Hi friends, My name is Andrew Kort. Thanks for viewing my portfolio site!

As you will see I love design, whether it be for print or web. I am currently looking for a position in web design. I would love to work in collaboration with other designers to rid the world of bad web design. If you'll hit   next at the top of the page you can view more of what I love to do.

Web Sites

BelonSayre Development Company Lewis & Floorwax Groove Hawgs Atomic Brass Project

The BelonSayre Development company is a Florida-based company involved in sustainable development. After I was contacted by Mike Sayre the Owner and President of the company I sent him a “mood” sheet to get the project started. The sheet asks about colors, styles, and design the client may be interested in. Mike doesn’t like paperwork so instead of filling out the sheet we talked about the project over the phone. Mike provided me with a few large background images he wanted on the site and the BelonSayre logo. He also gave me a few sites he thought were good that I could use for inspiration. One site was for the Masters golf tournament. It uses large background images of the Augusta National Golf Course.

The most challenging part of this project was implementing his large background pictures and keeping the content on the site legible. To the left is a version of the site I started before receiving background images and the image above was the first version of the site with his background pictures. The large image on the adjacent page is the final design. I decided to use a transparent gray screen to display the written content. This has kept the site legible while still displaying the large background images. The site is equipped with PHP contact forms, a background picker, and a password protected content area. It also uses AJAX to quickly display the content pages. This project is currently ,as of September 2010, the live site for BelonSayre Development Company.

The Lewis and Floorwax Groove Hawgs are a local blues band fronted by 103.5 The Fox radio DJs, Rick Lewis and Michael Floorwax. They have opened for musical greats such as B.B. King, Buddy Guy, The Who, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Steve Miller just to name a few. Recently the Groove Hawgs went through a major band member change and needed to distinguish themselves from the old group.

Knowing this, I asked the band if they would let me re-brand them for this project. They agreed and let me have full reigns over the project. The old site was good but had a pretty typical design with lots of red and yellow flames and a black background. (Above is the header for the old site.) The band was now significantly smaller so I went with a simpler look, picking a style that fit the new bands image. I went with a large display font for the band name that looked fun and emphasized the groove in Groove Hawgs. I also used the same font for the navigation links. I also used images of Lewis and Floorwax given that it was there band. Also if there were to be another line up change, they didn’t necessarily have to redesign the site. The site is equipped with a Jquery slide show for the band member page, a PHP contact form, a flash MP3 payer and FLV video. As of September 2010 this is the live site for the band.

The Atomic Brass Project is a Denver-based funk band that needed a web site that represented them better than their original site (right). They provided me with plenty of pictures, logos and a great video. They also wanted the site to be flash driven.

I decided they had a great video that showed exactly what they were about so I made the decision to put it on the home page and basically designed the site around that. They also have a strong logo which needed to be displayed prominently on all pages. (The atomic symbol rotates on mouse over.) The rest of the site is pretty basic. I made it easy for them to display new shows by linking the Shows area to their twitter site. The area will display the last three “tweets” so when they get a new show they can add it there. Also, the picture gallery is linked to their Flickr account so they can add new pictures without having to change the original flash file. This site as of September 2010 is live at


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Denver, CO 2010

Associate of Applied Science
Web Design and Interactive Media
September 24, 2010

Boston, MA 2000

Bachelor of Music
Major in Professional Music, emphasis in Arranging
Instruments: Saxophones, Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Guitar



Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator,
In Design, Sound Booth, After Effects, Flash
Microsoft Office Suite


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP,
and ActionScript 3


Member of World Organization of Web Professionals


Denver, Colorado 2003 - Present

Graphic/Web Designer, E-commerce Specialist, and Sales Representative
Family-owned music store with retail and educational services. Sheet music, instrument sales and rentals.

  • Developed advertising strategy and supervised printing, direct-mail advertisement and ad placement in educational journals, concert programs and local newspapers
  • Responsible for maintenance and promotion of e-commerce website:
  • Partnered with vendor to build and launch sales element on website
  • Manage studio space and billing for 10 private music instructors averaging a total of 100 lessons a week
  • Assist customers with instrument sales and rentals
  • Managed shipping and receiving department with $500,000 in orders a month


Designing web presence using HTML/CSS, Javascript, and Actionscript 3 for Denver band, Lewis and Floorwax Groove Hawgs.

Designing web presence for Florida based BelonSayre a sustainable development company, using HTML/CSS Javascript, Ajax and Motion graphics.


Andrew Kort
11451 Ironton Street
Henderson, CO 80640


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